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Rose Ultra Light Hydrating Crème 50g
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EnnsCloset.com - Herbal, Organic & Natural Skin Hydrating Cream Online Store in India. Buy Now!

The Enn Promise:

When you buy the Rose Ultra Light Hydrating Crème online directly from Enn, you are ensured an authentic, herbal and natural product that is chemical-free and cruelty free. We make your skin happy, naturally.

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Aloe Vera Gel, Glycerin, Jojoba oil, real rose oil and Natural preservatives (Vitamin E)


Wash and exfoliate your face with warm water, spritz the toner and apply the serum on the face and neck. Take a dime sized amount of the moisturizer and gently apply in upwards direction. The former steps will help the moisturizer to penetrate deep into the skin and the optimum nutrients from the Rose Ultra-Light Hydrating Crème and seal in the goodness from all the skin care products that you have used.