Ever Heard of Taco Eye-Makeup?

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, another crazy makeup trend pops up on Instagram or other social media platforms. From carved eyebrows and the clumpy lash trend to unicorn-inspired makeup,  the beauty looks on social media these days have definitely been taking things to the next level. The latest wasn’t just inspired by Mexican food, but also a tad bit EXTRA. Apparently, The Taco-makeup is really a thing and it’s taking over our feeds.


Just when you thought makeup trends couldn’t get weirder, the taco eye makeup look starts popping up on Instagram. We should have probably expected it. It seems pretty natural that after new makeup and techniques popped up with trends likes golden freckles and sunset eye shadow, the next logical move was food makeup. In fact, Taco Bell might have something to do with this new look.

In early May, the fast-food brand made a call for fans to submit their best Taco Bell-inspired makeup looks, resulting in hundreds of tweets under the hashtag #TacoBellMakeup featuring everything from the restaurant’s logo to eyeshadow with hints of red, green, and brown meant to imitate various tacos.

While we can’t yet call #tacomakeup a trend, a few makeup artists have started celebrating their love for the Mexican food with skillful looks we dare you to try to re-create. It has not only taken weirdness to a new dimension, it has really made it obvious that anything can happen in this world. It is proving all of us wrong by bringing up new and strange makeup trends.

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