There are a bunch of people who believe that it is okay to not wash your face first thing in the morning. I guess I know the logic behind this, you washed your face in the night and slept, didn’t go anywhere so the face is clean right?



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Here’s why cleaning your face is extremely important..

  1. Dead cells are stuck on your skin and that is kinda gross!!

Your skin is on auto-repair while you’re asleep, so while your cells are repairing the dead cells get replaced with new ones and they are stuck on the skin. If they aren’t washed off your skin they can clog your pores and well, I don’t need to emphasize on what happens post clogged pores… Breakout, pigmentation, blackheads and uneven skin tone. (Just the thought of it makes me cringe)



  1. You sweat while you’re asleep.

The rise in your body’s temperature makes you sweat while you’re asleep and your skin sweats out too. So, you gotta wash off the sweat, like NOW!!


  1. If you can, clean your bed-sheets and pillow cases daily

As clean as your pillow might look but there is loads of gunk, saliva, dirt and grime on your pillow case! So every time you wake up, there are 99% chances the dirt from the pillow case has transferred onto your skin. Do you not want to clean your face even now 😛 ??


  1. Your fancy skincare products won’t work on an unclean skin.

If you wake up and just keep layering your skincare products, let me tell you they have gone waste. The serum, the toner will only sit on top of the skin and not penetrate because the pores are clogged. As a result, you may get uneven and dull skin

Have you washed your skin already!!

If you want a flawlessly glowing skin, a morning skincare regime can’t be negotiated. Enn, the 100% natural and vegetarian skin care range is your savior