I must admit that I still love you so much. You’re still the one in my dreams. I still can’t forget your hands and the way it strummed the guitar. Your words still linger my heart and soul. And I’m still imprisoned in the image of your deep, meaningful stare. How could I not be when you were also the best thing that happened to me?

I don’t regret you. I will never regret you. I will never regret getting attached to you so easily. I will never regret being captured by your dark brown eyes and being drawn by your beautiful, bright smiles. I will never regret confessing. I will never regret risking my everything just to have you. And I hope I will not regret letting you go, too.

You’re my first true love. You made me realize a lot of things. You’re the first man I am willing to fight for. You’re the first man who made me move involuntarily and made me think irrationally. I am a matured woman but you brought back the childish side of me. I’m not selfish but when it comes to you, I really wanted to be. You’re the first man I am very afraid of losing. But I still lost you.

We both did our best. We tried to gather all our courage but failed. We tried to fight for us but there’s something more important you would like to keep than me. We tried to fix everything but it seems like the only way to do that is stopping and forgetting our feelings for each other. We tried. I’m not your top priority so I let you go because your happiness is what’s mine. I want to see you smile. I don’t want to see you in pain anymore. Because I love you.

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