Monsoon is legitimately on the peak, it’s that time of the year to fully embrace the rain without having to embrace the nasty humidity that it comes with. Also, rainy days, humidity and clogged pores don’t seem to spare anyone.

The Chizzle face mask comes as a savior and the best time to apply is after you feel that the pores are clogged. It’ll protect the skin, give it a lasting glow, tighten it and keep it clean. So as you make up your mind to part ways with some of your potent monsoon skin-care staples, there’s an urgent need to replace it with the Enn’s Closets natural and chemical-free face mask called the Chizzle face mask.

Enn’s Chizzle face mask is certainly an extravagance and worth every penny. Leave it on for 10 minutes or so, concentrate on some guilty pleasure or Netflix and ( hogging) and you are sure to notice an instantaneous difference – the complexion looks livelier, fine lines blurred and even dry skin feels ever so soft as if you’ve put yourself through an instant real-life filter. This is all down to a cocktail of superfoods for skin – Multani Mitti, Aloe Vera, Kiwi Extracts, Almonds, Yogurt.

Combat the gloomy woes of dull and oily skin with this one.