The only thing that’ll stay with you for a lifetime is your skin. So give it TLC it really deserves! You can have a mirror finished skin by just avoiding these skin sins. We all know there are certain things we shouldn’t do to our skin, but most of the time we do them anyway. Well, we’re here to tell you why these, so your skin can be the best it possibly can. Here’re five things you really need to avoid:

  • Never sleep on your makeup
  • In the night, skin does a majority of its repair work – get your beauty sleep
  • Never forget to moisturize, your skin needs it – just make sure you’re using the right for your skin.
  • Don’t over- exfoliate because of the surface of your skin’s protective barrier.
  • Block out the harmful UV rays. Never miss out on the sunscreen
  • Don’t use what your friend uses. Her skin might be extremely different than yours and what might work for her may not work for her.