Lips are an undeniable deal-breakers for flaunting that oh-so-perfect makeup look. But merely having a fancy lip tint doesn’t cut it – your lips need to be super healthy and not at chapped . Using a good lip balm to keep your lips hydrated is not enough. Confused where this is going? Lip scrub is your answer and even better if it’s a lip plumping one.

Cinner lip plumping balm 

You need to scuff your puckers so that they don’t look chapped, flaky, or parched. It exfoliates your dead skin cells and leaves you with soft and very lightly plumped lips. Cinner lip scrub makes a world of difference!

It’ll treat your lips and prep them immaculately for a perfect pout with this cinnamon and vanilla scrub and balm combination. It contains  shea butter that moisturize your lips and sugar and cinnamon that act as a lip plumper and exfoliant. This lip scrub buffs and plumps your lips gently, leaving them smooth and gentle and absolutely prepped for the tint.