It’s still legit the season of hot chocolate, coffee and, of course, the season’s trendiest beauty products that shall protect you from harsh winters. In addition to probing into deeper lip shades and nails, not to forget substituting out some of the much-loved summer skin-care staples for more moisturizing and protecting winter skincare essentials. This aids our skin transition to the temperature dip which tend to leave skin drier.

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After an entire summer’s-worth of sunny days and the hoarded UV damage that comes with them, winter comes as a savior and is a good time to apply skin products that protect the skin and keep it moisturized. So as you make up your mind to part ways with some of your potent summer skin-care staples, there’s an urgent need to replace it with the Enn’s Closets natural and chemical free face mask called Cocoa mess face mask, is certainly an extravagance and worth every penny. Leave it on for just a few minutes, concentrate on some guilty pleasure and you are sure to notice an instantaneous difference – the complexion looks livelier, fine lines blurred and even dry skin feels ever so soft, as if you’ve put yourself through an instant real-life filter. This is all down to a cocktail of super foods for skin:  Distilled Water, Kaolin Clay, French Talc, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Powder, Aloe vera Gel, Cocoa butter, Mint powder, sandalwood essential oil, Xanthan Gum. Your skin is absolutely up for a chocolaty treat.

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Combat the gloomy winter woes of parched and dull skin with this one.

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