For any girl, her wedding is just the ultimate day. It is the time when the limelight is on her and the world just seems to be gushing about her beauty.

So, you’re only 100-days away from your wedding and we bet you want to look your best. Here are 5 little tip offs from us, for all you bride-to-be’s out there, to help you get the perfect wedding day skin:

  1. Face Pack, Once Every Week!

Consider using a natural facepack. Svayam’s Glow Pack is a great option for brides-to-be for it has rose petals, sandal wood and moong dal granules to revitalize your skin.

Svayam Natural Glow Pack

2. Chuck the Wrinkles

Go for Neemli Naturals’ Argan Oil for a firm and tight skin and no wrinkles! Apply it once everyday and sllow it to stay around for as long as possible. Give your face that natural lift!

Neemli Anti Ageing with Argan Oil

3. Scrub Your Face- Atleast Once a Week!

Scrubbing removes dead skin and gives you skin a fresher appeal. Scrubbing also polishes for a smoother texture. Pick up Enn’s Berry Bang Face Scrub to look youthful.

Berry Bang Scrub

4. Moisturize Your Skin- Daily!

A deep moisturizing session is a dailyto-do for the bride to be. Get Ma Earth’s Rejuvenating Body Balm for complete nourishment.


Look lovely!