Are you eating the adequate and correct foods for hair growth? Hair growth is tied to what you choose to eat. You don’t have to change everything. However, if you eat a healthy diet, you will grow stronger and healthier cells throughout your entire body – inside and out.

Here are the main foods that are helping me to reach my hair goals.

Foods for Hair Growth


Eggs are amazing healthy hair helpers and one of the best protein sources. They contain sulfur, biotin and vitamin B-12 which are important nutrients.


Nuts contain zinc which helps to reduce hair-fall. In addition to this, the protein content of these nuts helps making our hair stronger and fuller and healthier.


So, lentils are able to increase the thickness and length of our hair. Beans also helps to reduce hair breakage as it contains iron, zinc and biotin.

Fish oil

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish strengthens hair shaft to keep our hair hydrated and healthy.

Spinach is rich in beta carotene, which converts into vitamin A. It will help you to remove dead skin. Just pair spinach with food that’s high in vitamin c to get the most out of it.

Greek Yogurt is often found on hair product labels. Beside vitamin B5 you can also find vitamin D in it which are linked to hair follicle growth.

These foods for hair growth will benefit your hair and your skin. You can find everything in the supermarket. To live healthy should be a huge priorities in your life. I know it will not be easy at the beginning to implement some of these foods but you should give it a try. You will see a difference in your your hair, body and s