Each person has unalike concepts of what washing their face means. For some, it’s a quick swipe and put-down of makeup remover while others have a much more elaborate process. Here at Enn, we swear up, down and sideways by the super-power of the Double Cleanse.

enn closet make up cleanser Erazer

Myth 1: Excessively time-consuming.

We’ll keep that super simple for you to comprehend and break down how vital those extra 30 seconds can be for your skin. The dirt, pollution, sweat and oil can make the skin is dirtier than ever. So the Enn’s closet’s double cleanser or Erazer grabs onto and rids your face of sebum, silicone in your foundation, sunscreen and other natural oils.

Myth 2: Washing my face twice will make it dry

This is a collective delusion that we have gotten time and time again. The correct piece of news is that our  Make up cleansing balm will soothe and soften your skin without disrobing it of any moisture.

Myth 3: Putting oil on your sin will clog the pores

While rationally this seems likes a safe conjecture, it’s somehow untrue. Oil-based cleansers are really super mild and can in fact help lessen acne instead of forming it by deeply cleaning your pores of that oil-based debris. Water-based face washes aren’t enough to latch on to the oil based sebum, makeup, or pollutants.

We hope we demystified all your myths!!