Based on a True Story!!

Name: Sachin (Name Changed)

Place : Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

“We were in the same school since 6th grade, became friends and then were separated for 3 years. When i was in 12th grade we started speaking to each other a lot and gradually fell in love. I was pretty certain about getting married to her. She told her parents about me and left their house and started living with us. My parents did not have a problem with her & they accepted her. We went to the court to get our marriage registered but the lawyer denied because of our age. I sent her back to her house. her parents were very angry. Her brother put her to fire and burnt her to death. I had to hide and run for life. He attacked me twice but i managed to escape. I was imprisoned for an year for killing the girl who was supposedly killed by her brother. Two years later when i went for my trial at the session court i found out that she was not burnt but and she is still alive. I am still trying to find her.”