If you really need that ‘lit-from-within’ kind of a skin that glows, and all those popular slogans that you keep hearing for a super luminous skin. Make sure, you’ll have that radiance you crave. But as nutritionists tell us, your gut health is equally important for a perfect lit skin.

Your products speak for your skin

It’s time to revamp your skincare routine and super important to know that more than anything, your skin needs a whole lot of goodness and nothing chemical. I repeat, nothing chemical. Also, buying beauty products according to the needs of your skin is extremely essential. That means NEVER going to bed without taking your makeup off with oil based cleansing balm, Enn’s Erazer – call it a night that melts blackheads, cleanse pores and smooths texture. wipe off the balm and wash, spritz the toner and moisturize your skin, so on and so forth.

Plate it right on your table

For that plump and glowing skin that reminds you of a baby’s bottoms, you need to give good stuff to your gut, because what you eat shows on your face.  Coming up to the festive season, start by eating good fat and Omega 3 rich foods that will help you light up your dull skin.


Drink oodles of water

From work till you’re home, make sure you’re never dehydrated. Water is the most unappreciated beauty tonic we have and believe us when we say it can actually solve a myriad of problems, ranging from under-eye puffiness, pigmentation and acne but more than keeping yourself hydrated its important to keep your skin hydrated. Always use Enn’s ultra hydrating Toners (the most neglected of all the beauty products )!

Mask it up correctly

Don’t we all wish we could just wake up every morning to magically glowing skin? Well, Enn’s masks are your answer from the heavens above. Packed with the goodness of all things natural, they work wonders on an uneven skin tone and lightens dark spots through the prevention of melanin formation. Now, wake up to flawlessness every day.

Exercise regularly

Try to incorporate 1 hour of cardio thrice a week to rid sweating yourself of pore clogging toxins that cause skin darkening and acne. When people post pictures on the ‘gram captioning we woke up like that? That’s because they have been constantly exercising.


Steaming is equally important

A trick I learned from my grandmother, if you have a  serious case of orange rind skin i.e. full of open dirty pores use this old-fashioned remedy to minimize them – STEAM IT !

Our dream of gleaming skin makes use too much makeup but mostly forget to take care of the skin so that one fine day NO MAKE UP LOOK will look gorgeous. Steaming widens the pore and boost blood circulation. You know what that means right? More oxygen= more litt up skin.

Litt up like a diva, this festive season while keeping your skincare game on point! Enn’s all natural skincare range will help you achieve the gleaming glow all throughout the year.