Arguably one of the vital steps to length retention is sealing your hair. If you’re naturally figuring out the most effective way to keep moisture in your hair these tips will be one of the keys you will need for successful healthy longer lengths with moisture sealed in.

Sealing is locking moisture in the hair, specifically the ends. To do, apply Flax gello to seal in the moisture. The omega 3 in flax seeds helps to pass into the hair, so they stick to the outside of the shaft, trapping in the moisturizer!

When sealing after your regular washing routine, apply your conditioner to damp hair in a downward motion. Then apply the flax seed, hyaluronic acid and keratin infused gel, concentrating on your ends, and style as usual or let it dry.


Give your hair the experience of a salon with this natural hair styling gel that enhances texture, shape and shine.

This hair gel is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated, over processed and chemically treated hair.

Enn’s high-performance blend of Keratin Proteins and Flaxseeds leaves the hair feeling lustrous and glossy. Brimming with hair-strengthening omega 3 fatty acids, this gel enhances your natural hair pattern and let it air dry the way you want. This Flax seed hair gel neither strips your hair of moisture nor does it over burden it. Flax Jello is an apt three in one hair gel that has a high-cushion formula that is undetectable yet gives a gel-like definition to your tresses.