The oh-so-awaited festival of colours is almost here. It’s the Holi-day that drives all Indians go crazy wait for; a perfect day in the sun with friends and a whole lot of cray colours. So,  always be sure not to end it on a bad note with skin and hair woes.

The skin expert at Enn’s have the perfect solution for you. Get going with our checklist of a bunch of  things you must do to safe zone your hair and skin before and also after Holi. It’ll keep your skin and hair glowing like they have, always..

Prepping before Holi –

UV film Spf 40 tinted sun protection acts as a ‘barrier’ that sits on top your skin and prevents things from entering. So the harsh colours will stay on top and won’t penetrate into your skin. Another plus, you won’t get a tan!

Butter up lip balm

It’s super duper important to protect your lips from harmful colors from penetrating the cracks of your lips.

Post Holi Skincare

Use a Mask

Charcoal or clay masks remove toxins, cleans your pores, soothes and brightens your skin. It’s the perfect detox for your skin.

Use a hydrating moisturizer

Whatever you do, don’t skip this step. Your skin needs to be properly moisturized so that it can rest and heal.

Make up Cleanser

A make up cleansing oil based balm does a much better job of removing the colour than regular soap and water.