Hello ladies! It’s that time of the year when every shop window is decked in more than fifty shades of red and pink, when every couple is mushier than a marshmallow and when every single person is busy knitting loneliness. Of course! We are referring to the saccharine-stuffed Valentine’s Week. Popularly known to bring joy to couples and sorrow to singles But singles! We urge you to defy this sentiment. This year don’t feel hapless for not having someone to love on Valentine’s, instead adopt narcissism. Love yourself truly, madly, deeply and use all the money you’d have spent on another sapiens (you were in love with) to pamper your very own self, You know there’s nothing shopping can’t fix, so, let’s get started.

Make the lipsticks love you this Valentine!

If you haven’t used make-up before, now would be the best time to get your act together and if you have, get your gorgeous face on. Look good for yourself, not for another human who probably doesn’t appreciate the effort. Doll up, shine through and let that self-confidence blind the world. To add that razzle-dazzle to your look use some red 100% natural lipsticks from ENN. These are a few lip shades you must have this Valentines and make those heads turn.


       img_6844 img_6847

Illuminate Your Love Life!

Whoever said nothing smells better than love, has never smelt the Illuminous face mask from Enn’s Closet. Treat your olfactory senses to exquisite fragrances and your skin to extra care and nourishment that will make you forget about the gooey, soppy emotions cloying the air. Build your own atmosphere by spritzing scents and the soothing texture that obeys your whims.


Take care of your Lips with the Lipscrubs!

A boy can leave you at some point but the chapped lips don’t (even when you want them to). So, prep up with amazing lip care range from ENN. Which might cost a very small fortune but it will last longer than most relationships, Also, your handbag will never crib about having to carry these pocket-sized wonders in them. 


There’s nobody quite like you and that’s reason enough to present yourself with some amazing pieces to enhance your beauty. The glimmer and shine of the natural lipsticks by ENN will keep your mind off the romantic surroundings and also make for a sound investment, Howzat?

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