The skin around our eyes are such sensitive area on our faces, and it also is kind of the first few places where signs of aging start showing up super soon. This is why many women spend in specialized skin care and beauty products — specifically eye creams and serums.

Finding the perfect under eye serum that complements your skin type well is quite a task that seems easier said than done, and with a bunch of products virtually flooding the market, that feels promising too, the choice becomes even harder.

When it comes to beauty and amazing skin care products, ENN really knows how to deliver. With some age-old wisdom and flora’s vast repertoire, there are ingredients that you’re about to see below, drop the bags seem to offer unsurpassed value for money.


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Make it a part of Your Beauty Regime

​Since the usage of eye creams are extremely important to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help, restore the youthful glow of your skin, Under eye serum form part of a unique skin care regimen. This might seem pretty extensive and time-consuming at first glance, but it will be well worth every second and effort after you see results.


You might be massage, a dab, or a slap person when it comes to applying products on the skin. The reality well lies in ways in which you can properly apply the under eye serum. To be honest, there’s one set-in-stone way of doing it right.

Here are the basic do’s you need to keep in mind while applying the serum.


  • Tap it and then message

    Press your eye cream on to the skin surrounding the eyes in sweeping motions and Tap and then massage- all with the tip of your ring finger.

  • Give the serum, some time to absorb

    Let your under eye serum to absorb into the skin.



Enn’s Closet 

​Specifically to brighten up the skin, defy the signs of aging and dark shadows around the eyes. Drop the bags under eye serum is an exceedingly effective eye treatment serum filled with potato starch, vitamin E, jasmine and anise extracts containing age-defying properties that helps reduce the advent of tired eyes and puffiness. The potato starch is known to boost the cellular repair for youthful under eyes.  This is a thick and creamy formulation ​that absorbs quickly and is ideal for all skin types.

 Buy Under Eye Serum Online