All of us want a flawless and patchy skin especially on the face, but because of various problems like pollution, aging, hormonal changes, as well as genetic factors, can lead to discoloration of skin in some cases. This form of patchy skin darkening can be visible on the entire face, or in some parts of the face. Though getting cosmetic treatment for the same is a solution, it may not always be possible.

Below are some remedies to get rid of dark patches on skin:

The Orange Peel Natural Remedy

Next time you eat an orange, keep the peel. It can help get rid of dark patches on the skin. Add one teaspoon each of lemon juice, milk and honey to one tablespoon of dried orange peel powder. Mix all the ingredients well to get a smooth consistency. Apply the paste to the affected skin.Leave it on for about 20 minutes, and then massage gently. Finally, wash it off with lukewarm water. Follow this treatment at least three or four times a week to encourage cell renewal and reduce dark skin patches.

Try the 100 Percent Natural Sculpt Face Mask By ENN!

The Sculpt face mask contains a blend of tightening and toning ingredients to refresh tired-looking skin. Orange essential oil also has an astringent effect to leave skin taut, tight and looking fresh, giving dull, tired faces a bright, youthful glow. It also helps in reducing pigmentation and patchiness from the skin. It is a must try if you don’t want to use any chemical containing product on your skin, as all the Enn face masks are 100% Natural.


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