Time and again we talk about the lip care regime which everyone needs to follow. There are a few things which all of us must know before taking a step towards healthy supple lips. Nowadays the market is flooded with products which claim to give instant results but we barter beautiful looking lips with chemicals. These chemicals undoubtedly work like magic but the aftermath of regular usage is horrendous.
Some of the major products include chemicals like petrolatum or popularly known as petroleum jelly, parabens as well as artificial flavoring agents. These chemicals get ingested every time we consume something and gradually enter into our body and get assimilated into the bloodstream.
This leaves us with a very limited range of products and ingredients which are effective and have no adverse effect on health. Being your one-stop shop for all herbal and natural beauty products, Enn’s Closet has brought for you a range of lip care products which must pe a part of your regime.
The 3 step care includes-



The Kandy Floss and The Coco Fee lip scrubs are your best bet if you are looking for a perfect lip exfoliator. The fine granulated sugar particles help in scrubbing away the dead skin cells and makes this process a fun and delicious experience. Sugar: What can’t it solve?


The exfoliation of the dead skin cells makes lips more delicate and then it needs extra care and nourishment. The Butter up lip balm from ENN provides your lips with the extra care and nourishment without feeding you any harmful chemicals.



But moderation is the key of all the things. Lip scrubs and Lip Balms although being useful, aren’t a perfect cure for chapped lips. In fact, using them incorrectly can make matters worse. So whenever you go out apply the all natural lipsticks from ENN and avoid that guilt trip of smearing chemicals all over your lips.


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