Summer brings a lot of things that we absolutely love, like floral dresses and icy popsicles. Sadly, it also brings the terrifying loo and dehydration that cloaks around your bones, zaps every ounce of water from the skin. Especially, our lips, that tend to get flaky and chapped, and sometimes the only thing that seems to help is licking them.

As the two most important factors that affect the moistness of your lips are the ingredients that you choose to apply and the environment that you’re in.

  1. Look for lip products with nourishing ingredients.

Some of the top hydrating and healing ingredients for dry lips are beeswaxes, shea butter, moringa oil, jojoba oil, and grapeseed oil. Vanilla extract also is an emollient ingredient for the dried and parched lips. Enn’s Butter up is filled with the goodness of all these ingredients. Click here to buy Lip Balm Online

Enn's Closet's butter up lip balm

2. Exfoliate with a natural, sugar-based lip scrub.

Whatever you may want to do, don’t scrape, peel or bite the dry skin off your lips. Enn’s closet’s Lip scrubs can be used gently to massage onto your lips to remove the dead skin. You can wipe it off using a soft washcloth. Leave it overnight to speed up the healing process.

Enn's closet's Kandy floss lip scrub

3. Choose a hydrating, creamy and natural lipstick.

It’s extremely and very important to wear lipstick with a creamier formula with moisturizing ingredients especially in summer. Enn’s closet’s range of 24 lip shades contains antioxidants, beeswax, and essential oils that are known to be extremely hydrating and nourishes lips.

Enn's closet's natural lipsticks

4. Avoid overlicking your lips.

Lip licking is probably the worst habit you can have with dry lips. Although you might think you’re hydrating your lips, you’re actually doing the opposite