So, why so much of a hullabaloo about an expensive beauty product? Is it even worth that kind of huge attention?  And why on Earth would you want to add another minute-long step to your skincare routine instead of sleep a little longer?

The reason why your skin really needs a serum because it is the doer of your ENTIRE skincare regimen.

The best advantage of using a serum is that you get a higher percentage of actives when you use a serum and absorbs much deeper and is much more concentrated. The job of a moisturizer is to protect the skin barrier but serums are meant to absorb into the skin and work actively to cure skin issues. It helps to counteract the radicals that cause photo-aging and soothes and calms irritated skin.

Serum is a must!

By now you must be thorough with the basic skincare commandments:  Never sleep with your makeup on.

Always moisturize your skin

Apply SPF as your whole life depends on it

But there’s a rather new skincare mandate you might not be well versed with.


Serums are an absolute killer and no filler combination, having the highest concentration of active ingredients, which is almost 60 % more than the usual cleansers and moisturizers. This means that you’ll actually get results, whether you’re looking to even tone, reduce fine lines, brighten, firm or get rid of dark spots and evens out skin tone fading hyper-pigmentation

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