Hair related myths are very common among people. A lot of websites claim these myths to be true without any facts to support the claim. Listed below are some of the most common myths, along with the actual facts. Please go through these points and bust all the myths which you’ve ever heard.

1. Myth or Fact: Trimming hair makes it grow faster and/or thicker.

It’s a Myth: Your normal biological rate or speed of hair growth is not determined by the frequency of hair cutting or trimming. However, a regular trimming will make your hair healthy and get rid of split hair so it can grow longer.

Similarly, thin hair does not grow thicker in response to a haircut. But the shorter hair often appears thicker.

2. Myth or Fact: It’s best to cut the split ends, as soon as they appear rather than to wait for a bunch to appear before you cut them.

It’s a Fact: Uncut split ends have a tendency to travel up the hair shaft towards the roots and you will have to cut even more off to prevent further damage. For the health of your hair, you should trim it regularly every six weeks or as soon as you notice split ends.

3. Myth or Fact: Split ends can be repaired without trimming.

It’s a Myth: Cutting the split ends is the only successful remedy for getting rid of them. There are some hair care products available in the market which merges them, but this solution is only temporary till you shampoo next.

4. Myth or Fact: Your hair gets used to the same shampoo over time.

It’s a Myth: There is no scientific evidence to prove this. As long as it’s a good shampoo suited to your hair, it will continue to give good results.

5. Myth or Fact: You should not share combs and brushes.

It’s a Fact: In fact lice, parasites and other scalp diseases can spread from one scalp to another through sharing of combs, brushes and other hair tools.

6. Myth or Fact: You can trim your own split ends at home.

It’s a Fact: If you use a professional set of scissors and avoid dull blades, it’s perfectly alright to trim your split ends at home.

7. Myth or Fact: Rinsing with cool water makes your hair shinier.

It’s a Fact: Cool water leads to closing of the hair cuticle, so helps conditioner work better, leaving the hair to look more radiant.

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