Pimple popping every now and then is addictive although they’re like nosy neighbors that never leaves us alone. While we do not have a quick fix for your neighbor problems, we also have a foolproof solution to shoo away your acne for good.

Treating adult acne is an extensive procedure, you cannot just use a single product on the eruption. It’s equally important to follow a proper skincare regime that zaps away acne. So, stock your dresser with the following products and look into the mirror to see an acne-free face.

Step 1: Foaming Cleanser

Zitdown is an anti-acne foaming face wash is gentle on skin, but harsh on acne. Its foamy texture deep cleanses the skin to pull out impurities and fight acne-causing bacteria to leave skin clear and fresh after every wash. It does not dry out your skin after each rinse

Step 2: Serum wisdom

Re-touch is a perfect antidote to all things acne, this face serum is a must-have for clear de-congested skin. Concocted with tea tree and clary sage oils, this non-comedogenic formula treats pimples, balances sebum level, unclogs pores and clears acne scars.

Step 3: Moisturise thoroughly

Rose Moisturiser non-greasy ultra-light gel creme works to control oil level and simultaneously hydrate skin. Its shine control formula with rose oil has anti-inflammatory properties that heal acne, absorbs excess oils and locks in moisture for hours. What’s more, it leaves your skin with a soothing rose fragrance that keeps your skin looking fresh.