A foolproof way to ruin a perfectly wonderful matte lipstick application is to slather it on top of dry, flaky lips. There are scrubs sold in pretty little pots that promise to help, they do too, they exfoliate but what about moisturising them? — plus, it’s hard to imagine using them daily.

We have A Perfect Pout enhancer – Pucker: a creamy mask and a tinted, sticky balm which smells like butterscotch. Just  apply a generous helping of the mask first, and to spread it liberally all over your lips, including a half-inch above and below the lip line. With a concoction of ultra rich shea butter, hydrating hyaluronic acid and the star ingredient – the moisturising lanolin.


The tinted lip mask promises to conquer a list of maladies, like dry lips with fine lines and flaky skin. Just one application and it delivers smooth, buttery lips overnight.

The second step, after the lip scrub – This buttery lip mask utterly moisturises and  lends your lips the perfect complement to any lipstick formula.