It was Manish Malhotra’s 50th birthday,the best designer of B-Town. Howcome it can’t be sumptuous with the celebrities of B-Town. This birthday-bash was one of the biggest party in 2016. Almost all the celebrities of bollywood were present there,but few of them were the real show stealers.

1.Anushka & Virat

The most gossiped and discussed celebrities nowadays were the real show stealers. Somewhere between the hush-hush to going public and get caught by paparazzis, the couple finally showed up together. For some time Anushka was a bit hesitant to pop into the crowd,but Virat comforted her real quick.


All black!! The outfit was so on point,and so is the couple!

2.The Duo’s

Not just A&V. There were more celebs who popped into with their party mates. Malaika-Amrita Arora represented the ‘sisters brigade’ while Parineeti Chopra-Shraddha Kapoor decided to team up for photo-ops.


While the sisters looked stunning,Parineeti again started to gain some weight. 🙁

3. The King Khan

The king of bollywood was looking DAPPER!! as usual. While others were showing fashion & trends,the man himself showed CLASS. He stood different from the crowd without going all fancy. Never over or under, just perfect.


4.Jacqueline Fernandez with the birthday boy himself.

It’s Manish’s Birthday party the best designer in B-Town,how could it go sober? Specially when he offers the drinks to celebs himself. Jacqueline went for a tequila shot with Manish’s accompany.


While other’s outfit were on point,some of the celebs really messed up their OOTD. Here comes the list of a few celebs who disappointed people by their attire.

1. Sonam Kapoor

She is known for her dressing sense, but time and again she disappoints people by going too over with it. This was one of those times, It’s really cringing for her fans too.


2.Shilpa and Shamita Shetty.

The sister’s have always tried their best to stay in the lime-light. But time and again they have been criticized on different points. Sometimes on the plastic surgery or their outfits.Even this party gave people a point to bash them,and it worths that bashing.


Shamita’s dress makes her look like an ostrich,and Shilpa’s hair color reminds people of Red Woman from GOT. :p

3. Akshay Kumar

The khilaadi kumar even disappointed people with his outfit. He was just dressed too casual for the event. Specially those cheetah print shoes were horrendous.


Those Shoes are really horrible. 

4.Nita Ambani

The wife of Mukesh Ambani and the owner of Mumbai Indians was dressed up all pretty,but the makeup was making her look too old.She stood like a wax idol at the time this picture was clicked.


At the last a few honourable mentions,who added beauty to the party.


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