Face masks are just about the most funky and unique skin care product produced in the market. With so many textures, formulations and colors to play around with, it’s extremely hard not to want to take a million selfies when you’re wearing one. But face masks go way beyond looking cool. In fact, —and that’s definitely needed when it comes to mature skin.

As you age, your skin changes in a  myriad of ways, and this is caused by both internal and external. For starters, the processes in your body responsible for keeping your skin bright and firm start to slow down. You can expect everything from a decline in collagen production, less springy elastin, dead skin cells not turning over as rapidly, wrinkles appearing, hollowed cheeks and eye sockets becoming more defined, to a decrease in oil production leading to drier skin. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate a skin care routine that specifically addresses mature skin concerns. And one of the products you should include is a face mask.

The main benefit of using a berry-rich face mask is that it’ll lubricate your skin, something that could be undermined by cold or dry weather, overuse of strong anti-aging products, or getting too many anti-aging treatments too close together. Overall, you want to look for a face mask that has nourishing ingredients like berries, kaolin clay, aloe vera

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