We have all read the classic story about the sleeping beauty. While it was fun to read but there is a very important message for all of us, the name is not just a random put together of words; a good sleep can really help you look your beautiful self.

Beauty sleep is real.  Sleep is the way our body heals itself, its quality and length has a profound impact on the overall health and most importantly the skin. What really happens to the skin while you are sleeping the body starts producing the human growth hormone, which is necessary for the youthful and radiant skin as is repairs the skin from its daily damage and thus induces the aging process. Following this the melatonin hormone increases which acts as an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damaging free radicals. In the next phase of the sleep, the temperature of the skin drops to its lowest and thus giving its deepest recovery of night.

While many of you may follow the mantra that “I’ll sleep when I die” and have some sleepless nights, but this definitely has some visible effects on your overall appearance.  For example, lack of sleep would eventually result in premature hair loss, lifeless, dull and dry skin. The ever so obvious dark circles make a home on your face after every sleepless night and not to forget the aging process that accelerates without proper sleep.

In case you are one of those who have difficulty in sleeping, it’s important to follow a set routine in order to get your body used to sleep. Other things that must be taken care of, like limiting alcohol and cigarettes before bed, having a warm glass of milk, washing face, sleeping on clean linens, turning off any electrical appliances in the room etc. helps in getting a good nights sleep.

Understanding the importance of a good sleep for a beautiful skin, we hope you wake up tomorrow a little more radiantly beautiful than today. Good night beautiful.

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