How often do you start discerning acne on the edges of your face and forehead? While proper acne treatment will require more than just cleansing, this is the most essential first step. Besides the heat and hormonal changes that can lead to breakouts, your skin picks up dust, dirt and grime, which when coupled with sweat is a recipe for disaster. Scroll through the article to know what’s right to get into your anti-acne routine



If there’s only one thing that you do to look after your acne prone skin, it’s got to be cleansing. Whether its summer or winter, it’s an absolute must that you start and end your day with a clean slate. ZitDown acne foaming face wash has the goodness of Clary Sage oil, Tea tree essential that zaps your zits.


Recovery Face mist

The Holy Grail for all the disheartened ones, when all else has failed, you have a savior because it really works. The mist lets you apply the product directly onto your problem areas, aka those pesky little pimples. The acne-clearing tea tree and eucalyptus will work effectively in clearing your skin.


Slash – acne treatment therapy works overnight to relieve the source of your skin enemy and that you wake up with a much reduced version of the acne that has been gaping at you in the face since a few days. You may feel a tinge or a burn because of its active ingredients just gently blends it in once applied, but uses it extremely thriftily at night, after the toner.

Rose Ultra-light moisturizer

Rose ultra-light moisturizer is a gel based crème and a blend of multiple calming and skin-clearing oils such as the rose oil and also aloe vera, it’s perfect to banish acne even for those with sensitive and oily skin.