And it’s Feb already! The trial month is long gone which means an end to endless parties, hangover, reunions and lots and lots of offs from office.

Which clearly means you’re back to your routine but with a strong resolution to make your skin look flawless

Your work ends there, I’m jotting down a bunch of Do’s that you need to do no matter what comes in the way and no one can astray you from the goals.

  1. Steam your skin 2 times a week.
  2. Moisturizing is absolutely Non-negotiable
  3. Vitamin C is the super-food your skin needs
  4. Exfoliating is real deal
  5. Sunscreen is essential in the winters too
  6. A mask can definitely double up as a wholesome facial
  7. Drink water like how actresses say they do
  8. Sleep it out like a baby