Ever wondered why your skin is breaking out every now and then? Or it might be feeling super dry and patchy. Here might be some of the reasons why all of this might be happening and all of this because of the daily things that you’ve been doing!!

Talking on phone too much

Listen up!

Boys and girls, do you have any idea how your mobile phone is ruining your skin. Your phone is here, there and everywhere and it has all the bacteria, dust and impurities. Every time you talk for long hours you sweat, so all this bacteria is dumped on your sin and clogs your pores.

Staying in air conditioned rooms.

Air conditioners are really bad for your skin.. They dehydrate the skin to a whole new level making it dull, tight and super patchy.

Even more harm is caused to your skin if you step in and out of air conditioned rooms because a sudden shift in the temperature can suck up the moisture leaving the skin uneven and dull.


It’s funny but it’s true. The fine lines are not just caused due to ageing, it’s also caused due to rubbing your eyes. The skin near your eyes is so thin and fragile that when you rub your eye area roughly you actually harm the blood vessels just under the skin’s surface.


A dirty pillowcase is resultant of a cotton pillow case as it absorbs all the moisture, dirt and sweat from your face and Boom!! your face is dehydrated


Now that you know what you shouldn’t do you should ask know what you should and that is just follow a proper skincare routine using products that are catered to your skin type and effective to your skin issues.