When it comes to making more conscious choices for your beauty regimen, hair care is arguably the most difficult nut to crack. Now we have products without employing ingredients that are purportedly better for our health and the environment, including silicone and SLS (sodium laurel sulfate, also known as detergent) alternatives, and finally designing formulations that go beyond Coconut hair oil. Here’s a natural coconut milk styling spray & leave-in gel treatment that works best as a natural hair   Stylist.

The fix

For defined, effortless-looking waves, contained curls, or some conditioning hold for a blowout, look no further. The fix, Coconut hair milk which hydrates the strands upon contact, easing tangles, taming frizz, and protecting hair from the elements. Spritz generously on clean, wet hair and comb through to give a natural air drying experience. Not only does it add movement and shine, but it protects the hair from styling products and external heat damage. Double it up as a setting spray to refresh hair-do’s like loose waves or tight spirals alike.

Flax Jello

This flax seed and keratin infused gel works triple duty, adding shine and texture to lacklustre strands while nourishing them simultaneously. The texture is more like jelly than dense, which makes it perfect for hair of all thicknesses. Add a small amount to your palms, rub them together, and distribute product on the ends of damp or dry hair, twisting individual sections for a piecey effect. Add a little amount to mid-shaft and lengths for an effortless, undone look, or for a more put-together feel, it’s perfect for smoothing fly-aways.