1. Wear ONE statement piece
Choose one statement piece for your outfit, such as a gorgeous necklace, beautiful scarf or stylish beret, and wear it on its own. We love our accessories, so it’s easy to pile them up, but editing down your accessories before you leave the house is one of the absolute best style tips. Don’t OVER accessorize!!

Statement Piece for Outfit


2. ONE trend at a time
Don’t be tempted to rock all the trends at the same time, and your look will instantly be much more French. Choose one piece that you’ll really show off, and pair it with classic, well-fitted clothing from your wardrobe.

One Trend at a time


3. PLAY with Silhouettes
Forget skinny jeans and bodycon dresses: floaty summer dresses, cigarette pants and undercoats are much more chic. Enhance your shape and style by using beautiful fabric/ materials.

Floral Dresses India

Cigratte Pants India


4.When in doubt, just wear BLACK!
Coco Chanel is attributed with the everlasting concept of the little black dress which has its time-honored place in every woman’s closet. The perfect LBD should be rather simple, it can be long or short, but is most enduring when devoid of trendy details. New York taught me this rule and I’ll forever be indebted to the city because of it. Ever struggling over what to wear? Just wear black.Wearing black makes everyone look a little bit more high fashion.

Little Black Dress Delhi


I just love a good jacket/coat. The right one adds polish and structure to an outfit and projects confidence. Curve of the body can really stand out when wearing a blazer. The key is with appropriate cut blazer to the body shape, then your Look will look more sexy.

Fashion Blazer for Girlsto make the product down to what was used least).