Growing up with acne definitely feels like its an unavoidable chapter in life that you have to live through, throughout which you only gave yourself confidence and courage by designating it as a passing phase that would end after puberty finishes taking its toll. Reality did turn out to be a bit different, you’re not a teen, puberty has hit you like a truck and acne, and well they are very much still there.

We have an exceptional savior for you that will treat your acne gently and banish it!

Slash, the overnight anti acne treatment serum is instant acne reducing spot treatment that promises to work. Although being a promising zit zapper, it won’t miraculously disappear in 24 hours, but there will be a clear reduction in size, inflammation and less irritation and redness when you wake up the next morning. With ingredients like Sage, Tamano oil , Juniper Oil, Frankincense Oil, and Tea Tree Oil, your skin is well-poised to combat the bacteria and remove any signs of toxins. On the other hand, Jojoba oil, Lavender Oil and Coconut oil will soothe your skin and help it build up its defenses and start the healing process.