Never underestimate the power of a CTM routine that suits your skin type — Sometimes, even after your best efforts, you end up getting dry, itchy patches that are a complete  turn offs.

Here are a few things you should do to make sure your skin stays supple, smooth and un-itchy that goes much beyond over slathering on your thickest moisturizer. You can try these steps to fix dry patchy skin on your face.


Protect from the sun rays

UV rays can be extremely harsh on the skin, making your skin dry and itchy, and not applying sunscreen will not suffice. It’s super important to slather your skin with Enn’s closets UV film spy 40 tinted sunscreen.

Don’t Over-Cleanse

It’s amazing if you’re diligently working on your skin and following your resolution of a better skin. Cleansing your skin is a great way to begin but overdoing it will not make it any better, gal! Double cleansing is a good option to go for and you can use the Erazer cleansing balm that will melt away the dirt from your skin and post that you can cleanse it with a mild foaming cleanser.

Don’t Over-Exfoliate

LISTEN UP: In no way are your dry patches going to go if you buff them off with an exfoliator. This, however, can worsen the problem. Exfoliating only helps to get rid of dead layer of your skin but also strip away the moisture.