Having a comprehensive and super intensive skin care regime is sometimes not practically possible along with the other daily stresses; you might be allured to skip one or two but skipping the moisturizer out of all of them can be a BIG BIG mistake!!

You might not believe me but when you read what your skin actually goes through when you don’t moisturize your skin it’ll be your top most priority.


This is for the times when you really have no time and you have to bring down your beauty arsenal to the bare essentials which is actually a whole lazy girl thing. But the real struggle is removing all the traces of makeup, cleansing, toning moisturizing more so when the plushest bed is just there waiting for you for the cozy sleep. It’s really real!!

If you skip the moisturizing bit, thinking that you might save some time, I’ll Make it clear that there are seriously spiteful side effects for your skin

  1. Dehydrated, Dull and dry for the people with dry skin
  2. The oily skin gets oilier
  3. New fine lines start forming
  4. Gives room to a Wrinkly and saggy skin
  5. Breakouts get worsened
  6. More damage is caused by the sun
  7. More Vulnerable Skin
  8. Patchy makeup application
  9. Itchy and tight skin
  10. Other skin care products will not be sealed in.